Support our 2017 Spay-Neuter Campaign!

  • Southside SPCA

Friends, over 20 years ago, the Southside SPCA began a quest to end the tragic euthanasia of thousands of healthy Southside Virginia dogs, cats, kittens and puppies each year by implementing an aggressive spay/neuter program. At that time, almost 100% of animals taken in by the 12 county animal control facilities in our area were euthanized. Thanks to your support, those numbers have been drastically reduced. Since we began the spay/neuter program the average euthanasia rate at these facilities has declined by 63%. Furthermore, the number of animals abandoned each year has declined by about 25%.

These are numbers of which we can all be proud, but unfortunately, our work is far from done. Too many animals continue to be abandoned and surrendered to the animal control facilities each year.  We need your help to continue making progress in our communities.  Please join our 2017 Spay-Neuter Campaign by making a donation now!

Exciting news… Two anonymous donors have agreed to match,dollar-for-dollar,all donations totaling up to $30,000 made from June 15 to July 15!

On top of that… Once we reach $20,000,The Jessica Beath Foundation has agreed to an additional dollar-for-dollar match on donations totaling between $20,000 and $30,000.

This means that $30,000 in donations will be turned into $70,000!!

Together, we can help put a stop to the euthanasia of healthy animals in Southside Virginia.  Please help us raise every dollar of the match and donate before our July 15 deadline!

To contribute, simply click here:  DONATE.  By indicating that your donation is for the “spay and neuter program”,you will ensure that it will count toward the match. The results of the campaign will be reported on our website and in our Fall newsletter.

Thank you for supporting this vital program. Together, we are saving and improving the lives of thousands of homeless animals in Southside Virginia.

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