Happy Tails

Fowl Play

Every Saturday the Southside SPCA holds adoptions to try and find loving, forever homes for animals in our care.  It is a time to hopefully move animals out of the shelter….not in!  But, one November Saturday we were approached by a frantic worker of the store where adoptions were being held.  A dog had just been discovered abandoned.  Callously left chained to the sink’s pipes of the public bathroom with a crued note only stating the dog’s name and that he needed a home.  Most surprising was that no one saw a thing….how they got past us, customers and employees without being spotted is still a mystery.  The Westhighland Terrier was undernourished with every rib showing, but he was young and appeared in relatively good condition.  Local authorities were contacted, a volunteer stepped up to foster him, and arrangements were made to get him to the vet. It was immediately evident that there was something amiss.  Kevin, affectionately name by his foster, refused to eat.  The vet suspected internal parasites were the cause.  So a round of dewormer and canned food was prescribed.  But still Kevin refused his food.  The foster, not satisfied with the diagnosis, took him back to the vet asking for more tests.  X-rays revealed the cause of his discomfort and refusal to eat.  There were foreign objects lodged in his stomach and intestines.  Emergency surgery was ordered. Poor Kevin had the bones of a large bird (perhaps a turkey) AND a large seed from a fruit (which we could not identify) removed from his digestive tract.  FOURTEEN objects in all were removed.  It was obvious that poor Kevin had been scrounging for food.  We breathed a sigh of relief that he came through surgery well and that he was saved in time.  If not for Southside SPCA holding adoptions that day we might never have found Kevin.  We shudder to think what might have become of him. After weeks of recovery he was finally able to be adopted.  So began the task of finding his forever home.  After pouring over countless applications we chose his happy ever after.  A wonderful couple surprised their children by plotting and planning the adoption of this sweet boy.  An early Christmas present for the whole family!  He now has a safe and secure future full of the love and attention he so deserves.