Leaving the Past Behind…

  • Southside SPCA

If you visit the Southside SPCA you will see many happy dogs and cats.  Their coats are shiny, their tails are wagging, their tummies full.  But if you look closer, you may see some are recovering from their painful past.  You would never know the horror they survived at the hands of a hoarder.

13 dogs, 4 cats rescued

A metal outbuilding with no circulation or sunshine with nailed boards covering the only doorway was their prison. Held captive and serving a life sentence for a crime never committed. Inside the building the stench of urine and feces burned your eyes and nose. Protective garments and masks were worn by Southside SPCA staff and animal control officers as they pried open the cages that had been nailed shut. It was apparent they had not been opened for some time…if ever.

Little did we know that April day the horrors we would see. We rescued 13 dogs, all in need of immediate medical attention. One had a tumor the size of a grapefruit on her leg that was severely infected from laying in layers of filth.  Three were so malnourished they could barely stand.  All had severe skin issues, rotten teeth, toenails embedded in the skin so painful they couldn’t stand anymore, and the mental damage was painfully evident.

One was transferred to Fetch-A- Cure/Pixie’s Pen Pals for rehabilitation, seven were adopted into loving homes, and three are still waiting for their happy ever after.

Four cats, running loose around the property, were also rescued. Hip bones were visible, and you could count every rib. Luckily they were easily captured. After weeks of recovery all the cats were adopted into loving homes.

Three still waiting…

Bernie is an adorable Beagle who is learning that he doesn’t have to live in a small cage, spinning in circles day in and out. He has unlimited space and freedom to just be a dog and live in a clean and loving environment. Bernie still struggles to understand the concept of waiting to go outside to do his business. He continues his rehabilitation at our Field of Dreams shelter.

Sarah Lee, a small Beagle, is still learning to trust people. Her ordeal has taken its toll on her ability to accept that not all people are bad. She calls the Field of Dreams home and loves her caretakers, who continue to work on her rehabilitation. We hope that through positive reinforcement and association, she will one day know the joys of a forever home.

And then there is Geronimo. He loves everyone he meets and is wonderful with all other dogs. From the day he was rescued he has been so appreciative and ready to embrace his new life. He is a volunteer and staff favorite, and everyone that knows him instantly falls in love with his spirit. Geronimo’s ability to leave his past behind him and to move forward with confidence and love is an inspiration.

 Doors are always open

While animal control handled the legal matters, most importantly all the animals were saved. The Southside SPCA will continue their life saving mission and to work with area animal control officers and residents to help end hoarding in our service area. Our doors are always open to those in need, thanks to your continued support.