They go directly to support the homeless, abused, and abandoned animals in Southside Virginia On average, only about 10% of our income goes to pay for fundraising and administration. The rest covers the cost of operating and maintaining our shelters and the cost of continuing to rescue, care for, adopt, and spay and neuter well over1,000 dogs, cats kittens, and puppies each year. Go to 2014 Animal Welfare and Financial Statistics for information on where your donations went last year.

For information on where your donations went in years prior to 2014, please visit our profile.

Because few animal welfare organizations do more with the help they receive than the Southside SPCA, so you can be sure that every dollar and hour you donate will go directly to benefit the animals.

We are located in a largely rural, low-income area of Virginia. Unlike donor supported, non-profits located in urban and suburban areas, most of our financial support is from relatively small donations by loyal supporters throughout Virginia and beyond who have adopted our animals or who have heard of our work.  What we lack in the financial resources available to more wealthy animal welfare organizations, we make up for with a small group of dedicated volunteers and paid staff that does great things with what we have.  Our Director, Sandy Wyatt, for example, has dedicated her life to the Southside SPCA, volunteering 12 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for over 25 years to save and care for the abandoned, abused and neglected animals of Southside Virginia.