Animal Welfare & Financial Statistics

Southside SPCA Statistics

Accomplishments in 2015

Your generous donations enabled us to continue to accomplish great things for the Southside Virginia animals. 

  • 1,162 animals rescued
  • An average of 138 animals cared for each day at our shelters
  • 1,150 animals adopted into good homes
  • 1,561 animals spayed or neutered
  • 197 animals received medical treatment (other than spay/neuter)
  • 8 low-income individuals received assistance with animal food and supplies

With your continued support we can do even more for the animals in 2016!

Where Your Donations Went in 2015

 During 2015, 91 percent of our expenditures were directly for our animal welfare programs (animals rescue, shelter operation and maintenance, medical care for the animals, shelter operation and maintenance, spay/neuter, animal transport, and adoptions).  Six percent was spent on management and general expenses (accounting, insurance, office supplies, taxes, fees, etc.), and three percent was spent on fundraising.

As in past years, our largest expenditures in 2015 (31 percent) were for medical supplies and veterinary services.  Our veterinary expenses cover both our highly successful spay/neuter programs and medical services provided to the injured and sick animals in our care.  Rarely a day goes by when we do not take in animals suffering from injuries or medical conditions resulting from neglect or mistreatment.  Our veterinary costs would be even greater if it were not for the generosity of our dedicated group of local veterinarians who provide their services and medications at discounts or at no charge.

Few nonprofits of any kind spend such a small percentage of their income on management and fundraising.  This is because the Southside SPCA has no paid administrative or fundraising staff.  Management and fundraising are staffed by volunteers.  Our few hourly workers are devoted entirely to our animal welfare programs.

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